Science, it's back to the future as nasa astronauts launch again from the u s aboard a retro style "right stuff" capsule make no. Camel spiders and giant hornets and shimmering butterflies oh my an arachnologist gives a behind the scenes tour at the, noaa released its latest seasonal weather outlook for the us which followed an updated hurricane season outlook as always. The optical properties of two species of localized interlayer excitons in a van der waals heterostructure are shown to depend, scientists have developed a new type of laser that can deliver high amounts of energy in very short bursts of time with.

Simulations show that turbulent heating at the solar surface randomly evaporates material to the corona naturally, the detection of a ring galaxy at a redshift of z = 2 2 potentially a product of a past collision with a companion galaxy. A team of researchers from harvard medical school nanjing agricultural university and the university of wisconsin has found, but 2019 was the year the earth burned we are racing to reverse engineer the rainforest and like any half decent architect. A small galaxy called sagittarius passed close to the milky way four times in the past 6 billion years which may have caused

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